Friday, 22 June 2012

Busy Bee

Today i am heading down to Sheffield to compete in the ASA National Championships which for some athletes is the second chance to secure a place in Team GB for London 2012. All of the events that were'nt filled at the Olympic Trials have been left wide open for athletes at this selection to fill. The mens 200 backstoke was one of those events with no swimmers from Team GB selected for but yesterday both of the spots were filled so that adds another two swimmers to the list of Team GB, and while all this is happening i'm becoming slightly more excited. By the end of tomorrow all atheletes in the pool will be picked, which means that its here, there are only 35 days until The Olympic Games start!!!!!

Tomorrow i'm racing the 400m Freestyle along with my main event, 400m Individual Medley and this will be my last competition before the games so i'll be trying to swim a good time before i'm fresh and ready for the big day. If i can do that i'll give my self a HUGEE confidence boost and thats what i'd like most. :)

This week however i've been super, super busy!
Monday: On Monday after a bit of speed work i popped along to Kader Primary School and did a litte presentaion and a question and answers session with the entire school in their school hall and i loved doing it. (Hello everyone) The year 3 class had swimming lessons that day to and i would have loved to go along and watch, but the gym was calling my name. I still remember being in Nursery so it didn't seem like i left primary school 8 years ago.

Tuesday: I had the best day! I haven't really done very much photography work but i got to be a model for the day at Van Mildert... which was AWESOME! I had my hair done and got a new make over and some lovely clothes to; so i want to thank everyone who made me feel all pretty instead of my usual day to day look of tracksuits with my hair tied back. (a mess in other words)

Wednesday: I went out for tea, so maybe this was the best day of the week actually. The way to a swimmers heart - Food!

Thursday: I met Paul Drinkhall yesterday. He's qualified for London 2012, but in Table Tennis, so a very different sport from mine. I played table tennis in school PE lessons but when i say play, i mean attempted to play because each time the ball came my way it ended up the other side of the shcool hall, so the rally didn't last very long and i pretty must lost all of the time! Haha. Not my sport.

And the there's today Friday, of to sheffield! :)

See you later!

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  1. Good luck this weekend both to you & Chloe xx


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