Tuesday, 3 July 2012

olympic kit

Hey everyone!  My trip to Sheffield last weekend was very successful for those who'd like to know! I swam only 1 second slower than my personal best time in the final and had my faster ever heat swim so things went exactly to plan! :) I've got a little bit more confidence from it too; the theory is if I swam that well un rested I can only hope I'm going to be even faster once I'm ready to go on race day! Not long now :) I'm currently up in Scotland at the moment doing some Long Course training in and around the Stirling ITC guys, and so far so good. I had a tough set of 50s max yesterday morning and some threshold work last night, and I'd been in the gym so I woke up this morning feeling very sore! (but luckily the physio was on hand to help)  The worst place to have massaged I find is my legs, there's nothing worse than having sore legs and having muscle release done around your knee caps! ouchh! But apart from the muscles not holding up to well, I'm having a pretty solid start to the week!  On the flip side last weekend I got all my Olympic Games kit and It.. is.. amazing!!!!


I was like a child on Christmas day when I walked through the doors and saw it all I was that excited...  The best thing was, the entire kitting out area looked like either an Adidas shop, or a actual NEXT shop which i think made the whole experience really cool; We even had our own assistant to. Each item was hung on a rack in each different size for us to try on and then our 'personal shopper' had to mark down which size fit, and to make things even better somebody else hung it back on the hanger for the next person to try on. So we basically did nothing all day other than be looked after and then we got to take home all this amazing kit, BONUS... Talk about being looked after :p  This whole process took me personally about 3 hours, some guys took less time and some took foreverrrr, but honestly I didn't mind it at all, it was fun and everybody involved was so lovely!  I hate it when you get kit given to you that doesn't fit properly so this way we knew it would all be A okay! As soon as I get home I shall fill you all in on what my favourite piece of kit is and maybe in post a picture or to!  Anything you want to ask just leave me a comment and I'll get back to you :)  Over and out from rainy Scotland!

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